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30 Must-Read Funny Quotes for Wine Time

30 Must-Read Funny Quotes for Wine Time -

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Two and one

that could mean lots of things like Pinkie finger - Pinkie promise. Ring finger - I do. Middle finger - Fuck you. Pointer finger - Yea, you Thumb - I'm okay.

Story of my life.

All weekend I waited for the "don't come into work" text from my boss. I was hoping that since the of July is tomorrow and the office is closed that they would just say screw it and don't come in. It didn't happen and it a lot for me to get up and go…


36 Funny Quotes Sarcasm - Life story of the shy introvert who can't get out of conversations.

Without a paddle

This makes me laugh. My mom always said, "We're gonna be up shit creek without a paddle." Well, I've been up Shit Creek without a paddle, and I'm here to tell you that I survived!