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Frazier & Wing mobiles are beautiful.

Frazier & Wing mobiles are beautiful inspiration. Something like this as party deco & can be taken home to hang in nursery?

The prettiest mobile of them all!

I love the idea of building a mobile from a branch. More substantial (and classier!) than an old wire hanger! I'd love to collect little things with Evie to hang on her mobile, choose ribbons, paint the branch whatever color she wanted.

Modern Kids Mobile  Rainbow Mobile by littlenestbox

all i would need to buy is the wooden ring.Modern Kids Mobile Rainbow Mobile by littlenestbox< doit se faire très facilement maison!



Floating Geometry (Printable Polyhedrons) — Mini Eco

Floating Geometry (Printable Polyhedrons)

garland made from paper shapes. i think we'll make a "paper sculpture" to hang in the boys' room I ♥ mathematics {platonic solids garland}

Aren’t paper crafts simple, easy and cost effective ways to make your home look decorative and beautiful instantly? Also, you must’ve done these simple crafts during school days or during summer ho…

Adorn Home With Paper Crafts

Looking to make something lovely for above baby’s crib? I remember having difficulty finding a pretty mobile for Clare to gaze upon just a few years ago, now there are so many gorgeous options both to buy and make!

25 FREE DIY Baby Mobile Tutorials

25 DIY Baby Mobiles (free & with instructions!) Cute ideas, even for older kids' rooms or fun party decor! I got baby fever bad you guys.


The RATIO Grand Hanging Mobile designed by Joel Hotchkiss is a handsome, large, stylish and fluid mobile designed for 2 story open spaces.


Colourful paper mobile, no instructions anywhere, but might not be too hard to recreate.

Balloon mobile

Balloon mobile

Balloon 5 is a colourful and festive balloon-mobile with 5 balloons. Balloon 5 has been designed by Christian Flensted.