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If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

~Teen Post~ ~Life~ ~Appearance~

~Teen Post~ ~Life~ ~Appearance~


Teenager Post I love when you text me first, cause then I know you're thinking about me.

Teen Post

Teenager Post - "there's no going back now" I whisper as I cut the tag off my shirt.


First dates = awkward. First kisses = heavenly. First love = irreplaceable. First heartbreaks = unforgettable.

haha i dont know why i found this so funny


funny quote there is not a better feeling than someone playing with your hair unless you thought you were alone


It ends up not being a hot boy "You really hate me don't you big guy?" ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️/////// It happened to me. I got a hot boy.

Teenager posts. This has happened to me before...

This happens to me so much like my friends will say stuff or I will watch a tv show and start saying there catch phrases and words they say and I will say the same thing