Noel Skrzypczak Talking to the Birds (Pink), Acrylic paint on canvas, 76 x

Cecilia Paredes’ Wallpaper Camouflage

Cecilia Paredes’ Wallpaper Camouflage

Take a closer look, and you can see Cecilia Paredes blending into the background. Cecilia wraps, covers, and paints her own body to match the background, and presents herself as part of the landscape

canyon Mystic

CAYNON MYSTIC - Alkemie Jewelry

Alkemie Jewelry “Canyon Mystic” photography Blue Caleel model M.

Romantic mode for wedding fascination  #rose #flower #grown #moody #girlish #belove #fancy

Romantic mode for wedding fascination

pretty rain by ollie

popping paint filled balloons on a canvas . put paint tape to cover the place to stencil, put paint filled balloons around canvas, pop with darts (slingshots?), let dry, use stencil to add silhouette - love it! Or do the crayon melting thing!