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So thankful for our sweet mothers . Our kids have the sweetest grandmas! Happy Mothers Day to Grandma Kim and Grandma T . We love you so much :~*

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Take kids hunting. What a quote from the huge POS he is,this from a guy that shit his pants to get out of serving his country.

I am who I am. I cling to my guns and bibles with all ferocity <3

Gun control is putting all three rounds of my first burst into the same hole.

Jump to: navigation, search Deadbeat parent is a term referring to parents of either gender that have chosen not to be financially supportive of their children. and its not always the dad Design  by http://freefacebookcovers.net

His daddy is very much in his life-but daddy's parents on the other hand.More like deadbeat grandparents!

I usually don't share these things, but this was just too perfect not to hold on to. Exactly how I feel about the sweet baby that was born an angel.

I carried you - Zoe Clark-Coates Quote - Even though I didn't miscarry, I think this is very well expressed. A grief usually not acknowledged.

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