You have to love Harry Styles and One Direction. Straight thug

Because Harry is Harry. Because smiling is the best thing Harry can do on a picture. he don't need to look thug.

One direction funny

It's more like a 5 year old, Miley Cyrus, Zayn, a confused Sherlock Holmes, and a white girl. Zayn is not and never will be normal.

Dude me and my friend are always sitting there laughing. Here lemme explain, at the end of the day (; we have health and then science. So the teacher in health is funny so we r laughing our heads off and then in science we laugh at everything and have the dumbest conversations. My friend always likes to say our science teacher knows our true nature. -Shahreena

Me and my friend laugh at literally everything in our math and science classes. We are like Niall in those classes and everybody gets annoyed, but we dont care