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Sony Videotape Recorder. Yeah, only 30 lbs and you can climb trees in your tie and wingtips even.....

Sony Portable Videocorder: can you imagine carrying this thing around!


Boombox Lyle Owerko's photographic series, The Boombox Project, heads to Phillips auction in London. Copyright © Lyle Owerko Courtesy of SOCO Gallery

Boom Box

For Sale on - Lyle Owerko - Boombox by Lyle Owerko. Offered by Clic Gallery.

I remember this   #Nostalgia #Memories

Early - After Players came Cassettes. The adapter allowed you to play the cassettes in your older Player.

Sometimes we wish we were surrounded in a room by boom boxes playing our favorite music.

Boom Boxes I love music. Sometimes I wish I was surrounded in a boom box filled room of music.

stereo2go | Toshiba BomBeat Flyer (Japanese) | Speaker Box/Case ...

stereo2go | Toshiba BomBeat Flyer (Japanese) | Speaker Box/Case ...

Conion C-100

The Sensor One of several products created through a joint venture between Coney and Onkyo in Kobe, Japan, the Conion had the looks and sound that defined a grail boombox.