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Only while her nails are drying

Haha pretty much. Beauty Quotes: 15 Inspirational Sayings Every Woman Should Know

Southern traditions...I know how to can but prefer not, I can't quilt or crochet, but I can sew.

I am equal parts Hoosier Girl and Southern Girl, and now California too. But I keep most of these Southern traditions alive in my heart. Let's change them from Southern Traditions to American Traditions!

Love being Southern!

Southern Sayings: Pick 3 - 8 x 10 Sweet Southern Charm Prints. via Etsy.

Manners! {I totally do this everytime, I don't care how many times you wave! Or if it makes you feel like a little kid!}

i always do this cause i love how it makes me feel when people wait for me. so sweet! I'm from the south where this is just good raising.

I'm in no way southern. But there sure is something to be said about southern hospitality and a southern belle ❤️

#Southern Style & Hospitality (Corona): southern belle secrets

Funny, I keep on pinning all these monogrammed things but I wasn't aware its a Southern thing

No, you really don't

what bugs me about folks imitating the "south" is when people from the south imitate others from the south.you want to sound more like a hillbilly?it's not funny.

always act like a lady!   #ladylike #trend (art by Lauren Nicole Love on @Etsy found via decor8blog.com)

I Am A Lady

I am a lady. Treat me like a lady, not like a hooker in some back alley.

My great grandmother taught me this about being a southern belle!

Southern Belle Secrets - I do this all the time at work then hit em with my intelligence. Throws them off every time!

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Secrets to Southern Charm

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Secrets to Southern Charm

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Oh so everybody don't say this? Wow we learn something new everyday

southern saying: Unless you have seen a headless chicken running around the yard, you have no idea that this is a literal description of killing chickens in the South!