Utforsk disse og flere idéer!

Castiel Winchester. Claire Novak. Bobby Singer. Garth Fitzgerald. Jody Mills. Eileen Leahy. Kevin Tran. Ellen Harvelle. Jo Harvelle. Charlie Bradbury. Benny Lafitte. And more...
It's a show about two brothers trying to save people from Supernatural monsters the first few seasons. Of course there are only four episodes. I'm surprised it's that high.
You know that Supernatural changed your life when...I have done a lot of these or wanted to! I am very guilty of feeling like my music or food choices would disappoint Dean!
Love Jody's reaction in meeting the woman who gave birth to her boys
HAHAHA! The humour is even better when you think about God Misha giving her a nod of happiness, for finally getting it right.
Is this fandom even real?! < No. I, personally, do not exist. This fandom is fictional. You did not see anything.
Ugh, why did Dean have to become a demon, though? Now, it's going to be even harder to wait until October for the next season.
<<where's Bobby?
I understood that reference
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