Another great example of Moffat sneaking in original details in BBC Sherlock!

Another classy way the Sherlock tv series has been updated from the original story. (There are so many of those--I found quite a few between A Study in Scarlet and A Study in Pink.

"imply much?" - Omg. *facepalm* How did I not even get the implication in this scene?!  I assumed he was implying Sherlock couldn't possibly have actual friends.  Well, this changes every time I've ever heard the "friend/colleague" exchange take place, lol.

(previous pinner) "To Sherlock and John, the word friend is what it means." and Sherlock and John are the only ones who decide what their relationship is, so TAKE THAT, JOHNLOCKERS!

We'd probably never take Sherlock Holmes seriously ever again.    .. still.

most I just want the gag reel from ASiB, just because I want to see Benedict fall flat on his face in that sheet.

Irene Adler’s Texts to and from Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock (BBC)

Irene Adler’s Texts to Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock (BBC)

"I do wonder about Mrs. Hudson's husband..." Me to.

I want to know details! For sweet mrs hudson to want her husband dead, something amazing must have happened!<<<< Then I heard the details and it was horrifying. like your grandmother talking about her sex life horrifying.