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Vintage Sales Ad for 'Day of the Week' Rayon Tricot Panties claims "A pleasure to wear and sporty to share"

The Hair Hall of Fame

Vintage ad for the gift of psychokenisis to give you a hairy chest. Hmm, so Chattanooga must be filled with hairy-chested he-men?

Old timey ads were epic on multi levels

Men Love Fannies 1973 Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog. (In Britain, "fanny" is slang for the vagina area not the rear end.


Panties with your lover's name embroidered - SEARS, even? (via Vintage Scans: Personalized Panties) From Frolic, December

Great old advertisement!  Wish young women would have this mentality today! #freedommarketingcanada #advertising

Vintage Fitness Ads You Won't Believe Existed

Great old advertisement! Wish young women would have this mentality today! do have this mentality today, dumbass. It's just reverse. The central idea ("I have to be good enough for men to look at me or I'm worthless") hasn't changed

Lysol for feminine hygiene vintage ad

he'd rather live with a psychotic, shopaholic garbage and cat hoarder, than spend another minute with your lysol-less cooch. The insanity and idiocy of this whole ad is almost beyond parody.

Pink Dove soap, 1962.

Pink Dove soap, 1962.

17 Vintage Ads That Would Really Piss People Off Today. #12 Is Terrifying - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Sears: "Tracy Harper may not care if fashionable chubby-sizes are hard to find- but her Mother does. And so does Sears. Our kids' clothes are made for mothers.

No time like the past | Fort Silver

Don't wax it - Mac's it ! Ps she just got a bikini WAX too ‼️

Hot diggity dog!

Vintage, hot diggity dog by nouar (this was the hot dog you saw between movies at the drive in show)

vintage asbestos ad for farm buildings

Asbestos and it's magic. Asbestos turned out to be the deadliest mineral ever used by man. Despite this, it is still mined in some countries (Canada only stopped asbestos mining recently in