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de estos niños se dice que fueron raptados por unas personas disfrazadas de personajes de su programa favorito, lo mas terrible es que los propios padres se los entregaron,  en que estas personas les dijeron que les darían un paseo en el camión con todos los demás niños , en total ese día fueron raptados 19 niños,  al pasar el tiempo y los papás sin saber nada de pronto les llegó está foto por correo en donde se veía a los niños junto a un personaje,  de miedo verdad????

funny but creepy real vintage easter photoKids with horrible rat-like Easter Bunny?

I know smoking is not ment to make you look cool, but this kid...

Chicken and Boy Smoking Smokes Cigarette Vintage Image from 1920 Funny Unique Photo Photography Sepia Black & White Print Cute Weird

Pas si sûr que les déguisements d'Halloween aient vraiment profité du progrès. Il y en a bien qui se démarquent en étant particulièrement effrayants ou ingénieux, mais en voyant ces photos en noir et

Top 37 des costumes halloween vintage, nos ancêtres ont du talent

vintage everyday: Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes I wouldn't call these incredibly bizarre. I say it's fun :) eb

des tutos de bricoles et autres des photos anciennes chaque fois qu il y a un article et que vous povez prendre

This photo must have been a staged joke, showing a patient tied to the chair, and the dentist "extracting" a tooth.

The history, science and general 'don't-try-this-at-home' dangers of sword swallowing.

The science of sword swallowing

Young sword swallower - not too funny, don't try this at home, rather come and stab us



YoHeVistoCosasQueVosotrosNoCreeriais . com

The Circus Performer; 21 Unbelievably Haunting Vintage Photos From The Circus Man crushes a block placed on the stomach of a strongman.

Grady F. Stiles, Jr., aka "Lobster Boy," was born in 1937, the sixth in a long line of lobster-men to work as a circus freak. When his eldest daughter was engaged to marry a boy of whom Grady disapproved, Grady shot and killed the boy, but got off with probation. Later, after he retired to the circus-centric town of Gibsonton, he became so abusive to his family that his wife and step-son hired a neighbor to kill him. He was shot to death while watching TV. Everyone involved got prison.

Lobster Boy Grady Stiles - born with ectrodactyly, where the fingers and toes are fused together to form claw-like extremities

14 Reasons To Avoid Public Transport

14 Reasons to Avoid Public Transportation. The Rainbow Bus Club is my favorite.

I'm honestly not sure if any of these would be less creepy with context.

24 Creepy Vintage Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams


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