Mouni Feddag

Polymath Fashion Textile Pattern Print Trend and Colour Design Consultant. Cross-Pollinating and Stimulating Creative Original Thinking with 'out of the box' Textile Trend Stories, with accompaniment.

iPhone Wallpaper

Beautiful fabric but a tte out of my affordability Designers Guild Rosa Alexandria digitally printed fabric

Tuileries d'été français

Designers Guild Mokuren fabric print-absolutely Love This fabric! Trying to get to a sensible price for curtains for large bay window!

Flowered textile design, by William Kilburn. England, late 18th century

Image of flowered textile design, by william kilburn. england, late century by V&A Images

vivid floral spring floral by Clarke & Clarke. The wallpaper print is called Ariadne's Dream by Kim Parker from her Artbook collection.

Kim Parker Wallcoverings by Clarke & Clarke. Kim Parker is famous for her bold, exuberant floral style in contemporary colour. Her original art has been carefully translated into fabrics and wallpapers.