Jason camp Mestizo

Jason Grace vvivaa: “ this was supposed to be something and then just became random portraits…maybe i’ll make something out of it later but i’m tired of looking at them ”

Cheeky by Chopin8

Cheeky by << love the slight freckles

Jason Grace  40 years later

"My soul for middle aged Jason" "pony up"~~~one of the most attractive pictures ive seen of Jason for sures

I got: Iris! You are friendly just like your mom, but you can be powerful when you want. What about you? Comment!

Which cabin at camp half blood do you belong in?

Iris: Friendly as iris, yet can be powerful if i want who's your godly parent?

She looks great here

Hazel Levesque requested by the wonderful :) EDIT: I totally forgot the flower crown I’m sorry!

Omgs yes!

Camp Leaders - I would like to point out that Jason was not the leader of CHB but I still like this fan art///////yeah really tho----still pinning because it's well drawn but come ON.

No sé que descripción quieren que des dé, ¿el título no lo aclara tod… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

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