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Game of Thrones

So true.except for Sansa. I kinda feel bad for her. Also (spoilers-spoilers) felt bad for Cersei during the season finale, I still think no one deserves punishment like that.

1.NO it was LUST at 1st sight.  2.Yes , he did, but I still thought he was a FOX . 3.NO not really. 4 . Hodor 5.Well, I wouldn't hate it.6. YES   can't WAIT to see how it goes down with him and Lady Stoneheart, 7.YES!!! hated from the moment he snatched the pup from Bran in episode 1  & 8. nope.. I want a dragon.

Game of thrones. Except for Beric Dondarrion. I'd rather see more shirtless Robb Stark or Jon Snow. (Why does everyone hates Theon so much?

Poor Maester Aemon. Game of Thrones. Never grasped that Aegon was her intended. Wow..I must be slacking.

Ugh that annoys me! Aemons true background story is noble and wise; not some petty non-love-story!

Game Of Thrones Faceless Man Coin

Game Of Thrones Faceless Man Coin

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Game of Thrones Logic. the last one started the giggles lol

Game of Thrones Logic

Game of Thrones Logic. the last one started the giggle. Also Jon is a bastard child and therefor not a member of the house.

I know nothing about Game of Thrones nor do I watch it at all. This is hilarious though! maybe I should start.

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