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in celebration of this week’s announcement, and in thanks to everyone who’s sent me lovely messages in the last 24 hours, a cheery hermione for you. :) by batcii

The Idea Of A Black Hermione Isn't New To The 'Harry Potter' Fandom, If You've Been Paying Attention Bustle

batcii drawings - Pesquisa Google

batcii: Anonymous said: u should totally draw some poc! like readin in her books or tryin 2 tame her wild hair or having to put up with ron and harry. hermione bein cute and multitasking while she gets dressed or s/t woo


lilabeanz: Ron & Hermione, dedicated to my wonderful and talented friend for her birthday!

Roxanne by viria13 Like a snow queen

Probably one of the most popular oc's in the Harry Potter fandom. She was made to date Sirius but seeing as she's a Malfoy and he's a black,and there related.yeahhhh no.

When Hermione first got crookshanks! XD

how DARE you hermione don’t you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER>> I find Harry's shirt hilarious because third year is when Hermione got Crookshanks and it's also the year they met Lupin