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Lance XD That boy's got legs for DAYS

Lance XD That boy's got legs for DAYS--- Live on my meme son

This is adorable :DDD

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

This is adorable :)<<<<<two of my friends favorite colors are blue and red and my favorite purple which is ironic because I always sit in the middle of those two.

Lance Appreciation

Exactly so all o' y'all who keep making those langst things where the team is so unappreciative of him are WRONGI love ma boi Lance << god bless

sheith, keith, shiro, voltron, voltronlegendarydefender<<<#weknosonetgungudontbytwerenotgonnatellyouwhatitis

I got the chills sheith, keith, shiro, voltron, voltronlegendarydefender

#everyoneisgayforshiro2k16 BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! THAT'S WHY!!! Omg XD

He’s literally so beautiful if he had piercings and tattoos he’d be the perfect punk edit

I LOWKEY LOVE THIS THO??? Reminds me of Noctis a little bit...

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

I don't really ship Shiro with anyone, but I found this hilarious.

How Do Women Attract Men

i honestly dont like shallura but this is cute so bleh