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This is how victor feel for yuri

This is how victor feel for yuri Yuri! On Ice Yuri, Viktor

Viktuuri ftw | Yuri!!! On Ice | Viktor Nikiforov | Yuuri Katsuki

I have to say, Victuri is the best ship and Yuri on Ice is hands down the best anime. The music is incredible, their relationship makes you ache and the fact that Victuri is CANON? The creator is a genius




This made me a bit teary eyed. I think, Viktuuri has beat all of the love stories, movies, series, animes☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️.

What happens if I shatter Yuri's heart -- Viktor Yuri on Ice

viktor: ok so this kid is tired as f*ck and probably on the verge of a mental breakdown viktor: .im going to tell him that I'm leaving him<<< Not his smartest move.

Seems like something Yurio would do xD

Seems like something Yurio would do xD<<yeah, and wanna know another thing he did he made me throw my phone across the room because of the comic!