Bucky doing some kind of yoga because reasons Also the return of those athletic leggings And the lineart is here incase you want to see the details that got eaten by the dark clothing butt warning.

gassadaarts: “ ‘Keepsake’ painted by Gassada Bucky took a sketch with him when he visited the museum. He’s been carrying it around with him ever since. He allows Steve to find it on one of their longer stops on the run from the Civil War mess.


Welcome to the place where it's all about Bucky Barnes in any hurt/comfort situation.


'Steve, hurry up, I've been waiting for 5 minutes already. Don't think I'm above hot wiring this thing & leave your star-spangled butt behind.

Support group session.

The Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes and Loki have created a mutual support society. Barnes has the floor.