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#TRUTH @lilyslibrary This is exactly how my life works...

My nights are for over-thinking, my mornings are for over-sleeping.

If only this could actually come out my mouth..

An honest introvert introduction. unrealistic to use (how many people would actually care enough to listen- seriously- and how many introverts would want to speak this much and this candidly to a stranger), but delightfully straightforward, nonetheless.

Every freaking day...  I don't know even how to begin.

It's not just the burden.it's the actual trying to figure out how to say what you need to say, without sounding like you've lost your mind


May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Can't drink coffee anymore and Mondays are hour days.

yup. story of my fucking life

i should be asleep, but there are a lot of things i should be. all the time.

being alone

There is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. I like being alone, but being lonely is hard.

Yesssss indeed

People ask me "why are you single? You're attractive, intelligent, and creative. My reply is "I'm overqualified" 40 Memes That Every Single Girl Will Understand