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Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron :: ‘I Wait’, 1872 Albumen print by Julia Margaret Cameron identified as a portrait of Rachel Gurney. Cameron set up a private studio at her Isle of Wight home at the.

Julia Margaret Cameron

funeral-wreaths: “ Julia Margaret Cameron, ‘So now I think my time is near — I trust it is — I know, / The blessed Music went that way my soul will have to go’, 1875 ”

A Study after the Manner of Francia, 1865, by Julia Margaret Cameron.

Julia Margaret Cameron: soft-focus photographer with an iron will

april 1866

Summer Days, 1866 -- Early Portrait Photography from the Victorian Era by Julia Margaret Cameron

photo of Mary Hillier

The Kissed Mouth: Mary, Mary, Maids of Tennyson’s Isle: Julia Margaret Cameron’s Marys and Her Fantasy Made Reality

Julia Margaret Cameron

The Science Museum of London's exhibition marking the anniversary of the birth of pioneering photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.

Young Ceylonese woman plantation worker, c.1875-1878, Julia Margaret Cameron (National Media Museum, Bradford)

Haunting portraits from a 19th century master photographer

Julia Margaret Cameron's Victorian portrait photography – in pictures Young Ceylonese woman plantation worker,

Julia Margaret Cameron ( Virginia Woolf was the niece of Julia Margaret Camero)

Love' 1864 Allegorical portrait of Mary Ann Hillier with children by Julia Margaret Cameron Cameron's photographic portraits are considered among the.

Julia Margaret Cameron's 1864 "La Madonna Riposata"

La Madonna Riposata

Photograph by Julia Margaret Cameron, 'La Madonna Riposata / Resting in Hope' (sitters Mary Hillier and Percy Keown), albumen print, Museum Number