5"x7" Blush Brush and Roses Fine Art Giclee Print

"Blush Brush and Roses" fine art giclee print on acid-free, cotton rag paper by Rebeka Sobodacha. Poly bagged with backer.

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Good night you guys missed me? I'm in Europe now, I had a lot of work the lasts weeks, this is why I couldn't post pictures But I'm back and I hope you like my first tattoo here in spain✨ a sparkly sailor moon make up piece! the photo is a little bit weird but I hope you guys could apreciate It. The books for Liverpool and France are still open and I have a left spot in Helsinki ink laura_anunnaki@hotmail.com, please be patient I will be glad to work in your beautiful ta...

Sailor Moon tattoo done by To submit your work use the tag And don't .

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