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This is such a clear picture.

Not technically a rabbit, the Snowshoe Hare *can* survive in the wild quite well, which is very unlike domestic rabbits. by Jim Cumming


This deer inside Big Bend National Park in west Texas is just one example of why autumn is a great time to visit. Spotting wildlife is easier when the leaves thin, and the animals look stunning against the backdrop of autumn colors.

Innii (Buffalo)    The great Buffalo teaches us to be strong and to face the storms of life head on. The Buffalo know that the quickest way to get through a storm is to face it and not run away.  As we make our way out of the winter and into the spring, it is a time to look at how we may be of service to our communities. How may we give of ourselves?     Share the medicine of Buffalo with your friends and family. The Buffalo look out for their own.   www.aynihealth.com

Hoof & Horns - Photo by Trevor Nicholls, S, bison, black and white fine art photography

Un lapin et son semblable en peluche

Un lapin et son semblable en peluche

Is there anything cuter than little animals kicking it with their stuffed animal counterparts? While these dogs, cats, a rabbit, squirrel Cute Animals Hanging Out With Their Stuffed Animal Twins Image Gallery

la maravilla del tigre

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!

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baby netherland dwarf I really want a netherland dwarf. I used to want a holland lop but now I prefer dwarf bunnies and that's what I'm asking for.