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Crazy crazy in love





Bon Jovi Lyrics-"You Had Me From Hello"

Bon Jovi Lyrics-"You Had Me From Hello"

... for vip diamond circle!... sooo true!!!

2009 Lost Highway Tour Bon Jovi, Bachman-Cummings, State of Shock, Magnetic Hill.

The T-shirt I bought my daughter at one of the concerts I went to.

My poor children.this would clearly happen if given the opportunity I fear.

So true.

Oh my gosh. So true. And I've been to Disney World more times than I've been to a Bon Jovi concert.

Forever !

Forever !

This is funny!! And I going to do this!!

The Bon Jovi Rules Take my.

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I'm just a happier person when I listen to Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

David, Tico, Jon - Bon Jovi

Jon, Tico, and David

Jon pic of the day 1.10.13

YOU make my heart skip a beat or


Jon Bon Jovi ♥ - NFL season kickoff concert at Times Square 2002 attended by half-a-million people.

#wattpad #humor ¿Que pasaría si los chicos de Bon Jovi tuvieran Snapchat? Esta es la única historia de Bon Jovi y Snapchat en Wattpad,así que pasen  y disfruten!

Snapchat;Bon Jovi - 16

Dedicated to the legendary New Jersey rockers, Bon Jovi and its members : Jon Bon Jovi, Richie.