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Etruscan terracotta lid of a funeral urn, 6th century BCE, from Chiusi. Museo Archaeologico di Sicilia, Palermo, Italy

Etruscan terracotta lid of a funeral urn, century BCE, from Chiusi.

Etruscan. Head of a Woman.

ancientpeoples: “ Head of a Woman Etruscan Century BC Early Italian cultures decorated their buildings with sculpture made of terracotta. The head retains traces of its original colors: white.

Faces of Ancient Etruscan Civilization

Photographed at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Étrusque, peut-être de Véies, votive Head, 500 BC Adler Memorial par Alejandra

Votive Head c. 500 BC Etruscan Votive heads were placed in temples to accompany requests and offerings of thanks to the gods. Stamps and molds were used to produce images of both men and women.

Etruscan urn: detail of Charun,an underworld demon. Terracotta 2nd BCE,from Chiusi Worcester Art Museum

an Etruscan underworld demon Terracotta c. BCE Said to be from Chiusi Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts Museum purchase,

Bronze cat,etruscan artifact Vatican Museum

Bronze cat or panther, Etruscan artifact Vatican Museum