Regreso Polar: el príncipe azul

John Bauer - Illustration of Alfred Smedberg's The boy who never was afraid in the childrens' anthology Among pixies and trolls, 1912

Loki and Idun - John Bauer

Loki and Idun illustrated by John Bauer in 1911 for Our Fathers' Godsaga by Viktor Rydberg. Loki lures Iduna outside Asgard with her apples

Vengo del Averno!: John Bauer

"Svipdag speaks with Thokk" illustration by John Bauer for "Our Fathers' Godsaga" by Viktor Rydberg via Wikimedia Commons. Svipdag sits on Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse of Norse myth.

"Tomtar Och Troll" by John Bauer - Swedish

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tatteredbanners:  ‘Alvida’s window’ by John Bauer

John Bauer - The Magician’s Cape - “Alvida did not touch any of the fruit herself. She let it fall, piece by piece, and tired and thirsty travelers came along, picked up a pear or an apple, and blessed the gift.

John Bauer

John Bauer Swedish painter and illustrator. Trolls, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

"Cuentos suecos", ilustración de John Bauer

“Bortbytingarna” from “Bland Tomtar och Troll” illustrated by John Bauer