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江戸期 象牙古根付 仙人に蓮根付

江戸期 象牙古根付 仙人に蓮根付


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Ryusai (Japan)   Foreign Archer with Monkey, late 18th century  Netsuke, Wood with inlays,

Dutch archer with Monkey, late century netsuke, Wood with inlays~

Inro (4 case): tsuishu lacquer, decorated with bamboo, pine tree, and peach blossoms; inside nashiji. Ojime: tsuishu lacquer; a sage instructing a youth. Netsuke: manju shape, tsuishu lacquer; peach blossoms. 18thC-19thC:

Inro case): tsuishu lacquer, decorated with bamboo, pine tree, and peach blossoms; a sage instructing a youth.

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Nesuke, Kimono fastner Tagua nut carving from japan era colored with soy inks

netsuke - this book got my interest:  The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Family’s Century of Art and Loss,”

Japanese Netsuke Wooden crane inro with matching netsuke.

Ivory netsuke ball carved with dragonflies, butterflies, a tortoise, a frog,...  -  boltonmuseums.org.uk

Ivory Netsuke Ball Carved with Dragonflies, Butterflies, Tortoise, Frog, Snails and Crabs

Edo Ivory Manju Netsuke of Samurai

ManjuNetsuke,Detail of a manju netsuke depicting .The Fitzwilliam Museum : Manju netsukeAntique Japanese Lion Shogun Manju Netsuke. Lacquer Inro W Manju Netsuke & Ojime photo.

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Netsuke ('netskei) is a small carving usually made from wood or ivory and originally developed in Japan. This form of small sculpture served as toggle in Japan for over a period of more than three hundred years, for both functional and aesthetic.