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Angie Lewin - Printmaker - shows her process. Worth a watch especially for relief printmakers

In this short film by Cristian Barnett, British printmaker Angie Lewin prints a copy of her linocut & wood engraved print, "Winter Spey".

Albrecht Durer 'Study of the left hand of an apostle' for The Heller Altar (1508).

'Study of the Left Hand of an Apostle' for The Heller Altar -- Circa 1508 -- Albrecht Dürer -- German

Albrecht Dürer 'Three Studies of a Tree Bullfinch‘ 1543 watercolor by Plum leaves, via Flickr

Albrecht Dürer ~ Three Studies of a Tree Bullfinch, 1543 Do a bird/insect/animal study using 3 different angles.

Eunice Kim is a Korean printmaking artist that works with safer, non-toxic techniques in her collagraphes.

Artist Eunice Kim was recently interviewed by Barcelona's Mixed Republic, an online platform for fine art printmaking. Eunice talks about her art, process…

Pablo Picasso Cubism | art should comfort the disturbed and disturbed the comfortable this is ...

Cubism, Surrealism and Pop Art in Pablo Picasso

Arnold Newman Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, France 1954 All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.

About my work - Angie Lewin - printmaker - painter - designer

A biography of printmaker, painter and designer Angie Lewin. Find out more about her linocut prints, wood engravings, screen prints and lithographs.

Albrecht Dürer 'Tuft of Cowslips' or 'Primula' 1526. (gouache on vellum, by Plum leaves on Flickr)

Albrecht Dürer 'Tuft of Cowslips' or 'Primula' 1526. (gouache on vellum, by Plum leaves on Flickr)