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Make this wheel. Maybe with some felt Velcro shapes instead to stick to the wheel

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Duygular Identify and understand one’s own feelings. 12 emotions included with this pack including word flashcards

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Toddler threading activity with giant cardboard beads. Could be a little project to have them paint the tubes, let them dry, and cut the tubes into smaller lengths (with some help). Add stickers for decoration and even more fine motor practice!

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Riciclare i rotoli di carta igienica e creare con i bambini! 20 idee...

Painting with Toilet Paper Rolls - have kids cut the roll and then bend it open for them so they can make their own stamps:

Montessori at Ikea | how we montessori | Bloglovin'

Montessori at Ikea (how we montessori)

Alphabet beans matching activity- great for learning the alphabet! @imaginationtree

Matching Alphabet Beans Literacy Game

Make an alphabet beans literacy game and an ongoing resource to use in lots of activities together! Playful literacy fun and learning for preschoolers!

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Fabric sensory play mats are Montessori-inspired products to help babies discover the world through their sense of touch.