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☾ ☼ αмαуα✧ ↠{ιмαρєиgυιи}↞ ☾☼

One time, my sister was working at Home Depot and got called down to help handle an outrageously angry man returning a lawnmower and it was our dad.

One of the reverends at my mom's church is apparently quite attractive as her coworkers call him "reverend what-a-waste"

I sometimes freak people out by memorizing the most minute aspects of the day that no one remembers, so when they ask about it, I just pipe up with, "Oh yeah, the cashiers name was Chris" or something like that.

Honestly I don't even want a lot of followers I just want a lot of repins so random people remember me by that one pin, it's k me2

Apparently it's been one of those days when even this seems like a legitimate possibility.