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The ads feature popular cartoon characters. The print campaign was created by German agency Jung von Matt. The print campaign was created by German agency Jung von Matt.

Minimal cartoon characters with LEGO

Minimal Cartoon Characters with Lego

Minimalist LEGO Ads Force You To ‘Imagine’ These Cartoon Characters

/> />German agency Jung Von Matt created minimalist posters for LEGO’s ‘Imagine’ campaign to keep you guessing. /> />In the series of print ads, only the m

LEGO Imagine - Creative Ad Campaign

Lego Imagine

So sweet but so true. Growing up most of our lego creations looked like what we intended them to be, but through imagination we are able to understand. A great ad done with no words, just understanding.

Loved the simple concept in this poster. The eye drifts naturally downward into the shadow of the Legos. A great ad that symbolizes the imagination that Legos foster. Best of all it conveys this this with absolutely no text. Its all about IDEA!

Lego print marketing - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Effective simple advertisement. To a parent it might be just a block, but to a child it's anything they can imagine.

Today we’ve been doing some archive browsing and ran across these print ads for Lego from 5 years ago. Lego is still using this playful aspect in their ads today. When playing with simplicity on your imagination the creative possibilities are endles