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I'M BACK, BABY! I know, I know, that this is not an update of any of my comic. But rest assure, that I am currently working on my delayed proj. I'M BACCKKKKK!


So you guys have been asking me to show a picture of the Hedgehog Family from my Sonic fanfic, "Tale of Origin". Like"How does King Mortesen/Rakar/Queen. Previous Royal Hedgehog Family of Cosium

I found an old sketch of this strip and decided to end it)  Espio is usually so calm and cool, never shows emotions openly, so i think it's really funny to make him act like this :3 Hope, he'l...

Find by FinikArt on DeviantArt. Things missing from Sonic Rivals

Three Brothers by LiyuConberma.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

(elder): Benonic the Hedgehog (older): Kaze the Hedgehog (youngest): Darren the Hedgehog Benonic has become Kaze and Darren's "older" broth.

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Sonic Generations- Genesis cover design by Rancher.

209- Suddenly Cream gave cry of glee then ran outside with Manic. The others followed. A swirling vortex had appeared. All watched as a blue bobcat stepped out of the portal. "Tabby!!" She ran up to him. "Cream!" He wrapped her in a hug.  Manic came forward, "Yo! The Tabster!" "Yo! The Manic Man! How's my fave green hedgehog?!" "I'm... ok." "Just ok?" "Uhh yeah!" Tabby laughed, "Hey! Guys!" He called to the rest. "Hey where's Blaze? Where's my girl?" All were quiet a moment. "What's going…

Shadow's in the Christmas spirit, huh? He's a grumpy butt. Really late birthday gift for mah awesome nugget!