Let the season begin!!!!  #ChristmasWithEXO <--- i shouldn`t find it so funny

Sehun is bias wrecking me so hard im being unloyal as heck to Chen

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Image de exo, kpop, and kpop meme

I have reached the edge where memes meet death

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For me ksoo looks like a struggling writer looking for inspiration

Honestly if I was Sehun's gf I wouldn't even want the grande decaf soy vanilla latte at 124 degrees.I'd be hype just spending time with him.the caffeine would not be necessary ❤️❤️❤️ -

Hahahaha cute XD

This is for the ppl who think XiuChen isn't real. These aren't fake subs btw

No but seriously why are they so bad quality Ps. I have never heard anyone say that he's talentless

Sorry honey, it's called using a filter? and having talent taking a photo had nothing to do with his actual talent In his career.

I freaking hate the mullet, I want to scream everytime I see Baek now<-- Doesn't look that bad he pulls it off and looks handsome

♡Just a rainbow sprinkle in a vanilla ice cream world♡