Happiness Bottle, dessinée par Mika pour Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola "Mika", limited edition — Love this!

Coca Cola 'Tribute to Fashion'

February 2012 Coca Cola asked various Italian Fashion Designers to adorn a bottle of CocaCola Light.

This bottle design is really cool and it caught my eye because of the different colors and the pattern. I think this might be inspired by a different culture because of the design, but I'm not sure.

The goal was to create a coke bottle design that makes a statement on protecting Nature. My inspiration came from the totem poles and wood carving of Native Americans. Each bottle represents a totem pole that expresses the spiritual relationship be…

De Ferrugano

2010 Coca Cola Light "Tribute to Fashion" Limited Edition bottle designed by Salvatore Ferragamo PD(Coke Bottle Lights)

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Coca Cola Light "Tribute to Fashion" Limited Edition bottle designed by Gianfranco Ferré

More coke bottles featuring the London Olympics. I love the aluminum fashioned after the classic bottle, but this latest entry into the London Olympics branding sphere is about as exciting as the 2012 logo and its progeny.

Limited Edition "Spanish Designers Series" Coca Cola aluminum bottle by David Delfin

Another design of Coca Cola Light. Is there any different with it's Zero edition?

Shamil Ramazanov’s colorful Coca Cola bottle design MANGATAYE Léa

Shamil Ramazanov coca-cola - A student out of the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow created playful bottle branding in the form of the Shamil Ramazanov Coca-Col.

Bicentenario Coca-Cola Quintana Roo

Coca-Cola Celebrates Mexico’s Independence Bicentenary with New Limited-Edition Bottles