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It's such a good thing that an Aquarius does not get mad very often. It's all about self-control and many of us have it. - sug<<~~ I get mad alot actually.

Aquarius-Mmm yep pretty dangerous when they get to that silent hurt point fun fact, aquarius fact, zodiac sign, facts about aquarius

Mmm hmm

Hide yo kids hide yo wife cause the aquaris is coming to get you. Bahaha this is true.

<---nocturnal #aquarius

Aquarius Stocks-Young Hirsch now you know why I sit an talk all the time when we are in bed trying to go to sleep!

Aquarius --- I was obviously born under the wrong sign because this doesn't describe me at all. LOL, get a free psychic reading here http://www.astrologylove.net

Aquarius I'm not a daily horoscope reader, but I must say.some of the things I do are so true.

Finally something that makes me to really wish someone know that about me in real life and understand me or maybe hug me... But no-one gonna do this for me

A smile may hide those thousand feelings from others. Yet my heart still bleeds inside. I could die tomorrow and people would say, "Oh. She was smiling. She at least died happy." And the truth, will die with me. This is the truth.

Yes we are very good at controlling/hiding our emotions but at the same time only the ones we truly trust will see it. #Gemini

Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo agreed.but Libra.because all the libras I know are really dramatic

We may be stubborn however we respect other's differences

Even though Aquarius can be stubborn and have set beliefs they will in no way force their thoughts on others, they have respect for every person's differences.

I'm not an Aquarius, but this is basically me

It takes a lot to hurt an Aquarius, but when they do get hurt it hits them hard like a ton of bricks. And it hurts like two tons of bricks.

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So be careful in what way u breath between your words

To a fault and some injury it would seem. But what challenges would there be if we had no faults or injuries?