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Ah, the pros and cons of raising wizard children with no knowledge of Muggle culture whatsoever.

And then there is Sirius' drunk Remus

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Have I pinned this????

Remus Lupin was wandering around the whole wizard world, hiding from everyone. His bestfriends were killed, the killer was his other (now ex) best friend, and the baby was given to a muggle family.


snufflesblacks: “ Sirius Black [November 1959 - June “The ones that love us never really leave us.

I literally can't stop laughing and I don't really know why

Drarry Oneshots Comment ideas for chapters! Once the book is done t… Fanfiction

I like how the person who wrote this is just all like bye! Bc they don't wanna be blamed for all the feels

And every month, on the full moon, he thinks about Remus and how he wishes he could be there with him. i'm gonna cry in a corner bye.

This will happen, only they'll save Peter before he's tortured into giving the information

A MUCH HAPPIER STORY LINE. But then, the story of The Boy Who Lived, the story that we all love to bits, would not exist.<<and teddy would also get to grow up with his parents remus and tonks

This is cute. Although, the robes were all black and had the hogwarts crest on them. He wouldn't have actually had to change any colors. The books don't even mention house specific scarves or ties, that was just in the movies.

They would have to change color scarves. The robes are black though either with the Hogwarts crest or they sew on their house crest. Whoever said that they didn't mention scarves and ties in the book is wrong.

I finished. I think I'm a bit obsessed with the Maurader' s era.

the marauders *sounds like me.minus the partying part. I would have probably been sleeping or distracted with random stuff*

scaffoldils:Follow fictional aesthetics ❧ sirius black. on Pinterest.

scaffoldils:Follow fictional aesthetics ❧ sirius black. on Pinterest.


Seriously though. James Potter was a much better man than Severus Snape. Whereas James bullied Snape while they were kids and then grew out of it, Snape used his position of power at Hogwarts to bully children.

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the marauders tumblr - Cerca con Google