topo-designs: Topo Designs gear in the hills of Southern California Photo via Ben Christensen


coffeentrees: “We’ve added some brand new women’s styles to the outerwear collection this year, including a down parka and a waterproof jacket. See them in Adventure 97 shot by and Michael Tessier and then come try them on!

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We always have our sweet pup with us canoeing whether it& a day or a week long canoe/ camp down a long long river!

Morning in the mountains.    I love San Diego because one can be in the mountains and wilderness in the morning and at the beach in the afternoon.  What a way to live.

To have this to wake up to and have breakfast in the morning.oh the dream. Talk about IDEAL vacation. Or life.

since i'm not afraid of heights...

Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

what a crazy view! Idk if my fear of heights would allow me to be there but what an amazing thing to achieve by being there!

Mas el que persevere hasta el fin, éste será salvo. Mateo 24:13

A hiking trail at Point Reyes in Marin County. Point Reyes is a prominent cape and popular Northern California tourist destination on the Pacific coast. I loved this hike!