Découvrez plein d'idées et astuces de décoration pour changer radicalement le visage de votre jardin, tout cela facilement et à moindre coût.

Décoration du jardin : 14 idées faciles à mettre en place

Bowen Birdhouses: Log Cabin Birdhouse

Log Cabin Bird House -- Made with Italian Cypress. (By Bowen Birdhouses)


I call this cabin style birdhouse The Country Cabin. It reminds me of a fishing camp we had when I was a kid. The first time I was allowed to

My brother did this up at his cabin. He got small birdhouses from the dollar store and painted them bright colours and made the post to sit them on.

Buy small birdhouses from the dollar store, paint them bright colors. Watch birds flock to their new home

Wine corkboard bird house. A perfect reason to drink MORE wine.

Cork bird house is a neat way to recycle old corks. So drink up, for the birds of course!