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Deshojo bonsai by Michael. Multitrunk Deshojo Bonsai (Acer/Maple) with warm autumn colors, by Michael.

It might take another lifetime to be able to master Bonsai.

Keshiki bonsai made by Sinajina. The moss expresses the world? They are the essential styles of Bonsai.


Flowering Bonsai trees" Bright orange flowers on what seems to be a Bougainvillea variety.

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Goshin ("protector of the spirit") is a bonsai created by John Y. This is an eleven planting juniper forest type Foemina, the first that Naka began forming as bonsai in



Me sugiere África

Bonsai in "Italian Hill Pine" style, developed by Ligurian bonsai enthusiasts to reflect their unique pine trees.

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This Bonsai would make a GREAT Easter tree to hang crosses, etc. It even looks like a tree that might have been in the garden of Gethsemane!

Have you ever seen something so creative?  I am a Bonsai fancier...and this is thrilling.  The container...custom-made?

You might decide to make a design like this from the very start.but it could be a choice when you have damage to branches on one side of your tree.or maybe your windswept style would work better as a raft style.

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Strategies For Growing and Maintaining Bonsai Trees in Mexico, Missouri