#benedictcumberbatch #sherlock #british haha the comment at the bottom... But so honestly true.

benedict cumberbatch sherlock british haha the comment at the bottom. But so honestly true.

Who is Sherlock Holmes?

I love Sherlock Holmes in any form! The movies with Robert Downey Jr., TV show with Benedict Cumberbatch, or books by Arthur Conan Doyle!

Her iPhone would be disabled for 1.4 years, sadly, I did the math because I wanted an exact number

Countdown to season hahaha. Now it's a countdown to season And by the way, thats 43 and a half years

I love this

So Sherlock Holmes calls his bed Benedict's Slumberpatch? The Sherlock fandom keeps getting more insane.

The face says it all.  #Sherlock #MartinFreeman  /  http://saltlakecomiccon.com/slcc-2015-tickets/?cc=Pinterest

Sherlock / good coat and short friend / John Watson / why did I leave the shire

And this ladies and gentlemen is the man who is running our show

Mycroft laughs hysterically at the grave. Title of Season Third Episode. His Last Vow. HIS LAST VOW If that doesn't sound ominous I don't know what does. the feels.


Do you want to phone a friend? I don't have friends <------ that comment haha xD

applause for best gif usage ever

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Sherlock Season 3

Thanks Loki. <---what makes it worse is that he might as well be right<< what makes it even worse is that he totally is trying to accept it, just look at his face. Inside he is crying.<---inside, EVERYBODY is crying.

"You were faking? I was faking too!" <-- Rule #1, Moffat lies!

Hannah Tame on

Gatiss: "Some people said he couldn't be dead, because we didn't see the top of his head blow off. I don't think they realize that there are still things you can't show on BBC One." --Well we know Moffat lies. It's rule one!