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The connections! I love this picture.

The Doctor, calling himself names<<Headcanon that this isn't scripted, the various Doctor actors are just jealous of their replacements and lashing out.

Memories of past and and present

Sarah Jane -- Figures, doesn't it?even the Time Lords. is that Rose in the background?

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"Welcome to Britain. We have always had ten actors, we just breed them to get the next lot." SO TRUE! Just watch Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and Downton Abbey.

So impatient, Tom! Let it cool first! #doctorWho (from the episode Image of the Fendahl)

So impatient, Tom! (from the episode Image of the Fendahl)


Sarah Jane, Harry, and the Fourth Doctor: one of my favorite TARDIS teams.

The Fourth Doctor, he was THE grand master of sass! < Must be where Nine got his sass.

The Doctor Knows How To Inspire