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Doctor Who << this makes me really sad

Having faith in friends is yet another important life lesson Doctor Who teaches us.

The round things - this part was sooo great, just like the whole episode! Fantastic!

The round things - this part was sooo great, just like the whole episode! Someone noticed that in 9 and tardis the round things look like a Dalek?

The Doctor's moral code

Good men don't need rules. Today's not the day to find out why I have so many.I think these are three of the quotes that made me fall in love with the Doctor.

The connections! I love this picture.

The Doctor, calling himself names<<Headcanon that this isn't scripted, the various Doctor actors are just jealous of their replacements and lashing out.

So he does... because he's been messing with them all this time.

I point and laugh at archaeologists. (Funny thing is, that Doctor is David's father-in-law!

The ninth doctor was my first and I will always love him for the swaggering gent that he is.

Any love for the Ninth Doctor?

One of my favorite lines from Nine. And I want to find a blonde in a Union Jack. I mean, a specific one. I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving.

[gifset] 8x05 Time Heist "Basically it's the eyebrows."

[gifset] Time Heist "Basically it's the eyebrows." <-- he must really be happy he actually has eyebrows with this regeneration. The last regeneration's eyebrows only sometimes made guest appearances. XD Twelve an Clara.

Doctor Who Guys... He said he would get distracted...

I would watch the Doctor playing with/going on adventures with/protecting the baby.