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First Rule: The Doctor Lies.

First Rule: The Doctor Lies. Second Rule: Moffat Lies.

Not in the Name of the Doctor. < That point when the whole Doctor Who fandom exploded.

Introducing the point where your mind explodes while watching a season finale

Matt Smith answers “If you could travel with any Doctor who would it be?” Video at VYou

Why is everyone doing these farewell Matt things? Lets enjoy him while he's here and when that time comes when he has to leave, let's say goodbye then.

David Tennant always makes great memes

I'm sure there's more, the fact that we just keep surviving even though we're are so ignorant and violent and such, we carry on when more intelligent or stronger species don't.

The month fandoms run a muck!!!

Well, since I'll be dying in November, I hope you all will come to my funeral. Not to excited for the new hunger games, but there is the new thor movie coming out in November as well, so this still applies xD

Arggggg!!!! I like half realized that but *SMACK*

in "The Big Bang" when he explodes the Tardis he goes back through the moments with Amy and the time when he is talking to her is the future Doctor not the Doctor from episode hence why he has the jacket on.

Oh my...I completely forgot that Peter Capaldi was already on DW.  Wozzers!

Okay so I totally think that Peter Capaldi looks like an older Arthur Darvill which works really well, because Rory the Roman and then he plays a Roman in this episode! It just works so well. Even though it's not actually a thing.

the doctor's daughter. Can she please come back for the 50th addition? #DoctorWho

I loved Jenny, I wish she would have came back when ten was still on.