Such a cute little pug puppy i could just eat it up! Not literally, tho

aww little sad pug puppy eyes

Dainty paws.  Sloppy paws.

{Olive & Razzy} pocket full of pretty's pugs I love pugs!

absolutely adorable <3

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Cute Pug Puppy I dont care if people dont like this kind of dog but I absolutely love them! I want one so bad!


You need a hug, me too. i love pugs. they are so sweet

Bisogno di coccole..

Pacified pug-they love pacifiers

So cute!!!!!!

Akc Registered M/f Pug Puppies california, los angeles.

"Of all the nice dog breed names, I'm a pug?  Did you notice that's only one letter away from PIG!"

Play Scrabble with a Puggy

Cute Pug Puppy

Another tiny Puglet to make your heart melt!

Cute Pug Puppy. They are sooooo stinkin cute when they are this little

15 Very Interesting and Funny Dog Haircuts

So cute pug


I love bulldogs.Ruuti looked like this as a puppy,, except his left eye is brown. If I win the lottery I've promised him 3 sisters and 2 brothers!


cutest pug puppy ever. I want a pug

Look at the adorable pug puppies!

Petits chiots

Fawn & Black Pug ❤ love how the puppy in the front is sticking his tongue out!

Love this face

This face pug life

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