Yellow Odalisque Henri Matisse 1937.

Henri Matisse "Odalisque with Yellow Persian Robe", 1937 (France, Expressionism / Fauvism, cent.

Music, 1910, Henri Matisse. Commissioned by Sergei Shchukin. In order to come to terms with these huge canvases and their radical [and upopular] simplicity, Shchukin shut himself away alone with them in his palatial house for several weeks. Many of his visitors reacted with bafflement to these latest purchases. Shchukin jokingly remarked, “A madman painted it and a madman bought it.”

Henri Matisse "Music" 1910 - Oil on canvas 260 × 389 cm - The Hermitage, St Petersburg

"Primavera" in 1482 by Sandro Botticelli (Florence 1445-1510). Tempera on panel. Renaissance. Most critics agree that the painting, depicting a group of mythological figures in a garden, is allegorical for the lush growth of Spring, or work is sometimes cited as illustrating the ideal of Neoplatonic love. The history of the painting  may have been inspired by a poem by Poliziano. The pastoral scenery is elaborate. There are 500 identified plant species depicted, with about 190 different…

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