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Johnny Cash (1932-2003) - American singer-songwriter, actor, and author who was considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash changed my life, he is the reason i love music so much because the great stories he told.

Johnny Cash, 1961 With his mother's Hymn Book | Leigh Wiener

Johnny Cash with his Heavenly Highway Hymns book. Photo by Leigh Wiener

johnny cash

There is a kind of supra-rational argument to be made for God through beauty, particularly through music. Matthew Becklo provides one such example using the music of Johnny Cash.

Young Johnny Cash Posing With Guitar

If you're a fan of country music, you're going to love this. Here are 25 photos of Johnny Cash when he was young, including rare photos of him as a child, grad (Pag.

No. 2: Johnny Cash, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ – Top 100 Country Songs

A locomotive backbeat and prison wall lyrics defined the career of Johnny Cash. A strong argument could be made that this sound was built first on 'Folsom


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Photo of Johnny CASH; Posed portrait of Johnny Cash

Photo of Johnny CASH; Posed portrait of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

johnnny cash

Johnny Cash lived his final days in this home, not the sprawling, square foot house made famous in the movie 'Walk the Line.

Cash On Stage 50

28 Raw Images That Reveal The Dramatic Life Of Johnny Cash

Cash On Stage 50

american-singer-and-guitarist-johnny-cash-posed-in-the-netherlands-in-picture-id136770507 (433×594)

american-singer-and-guitarist-johnny-cash-posed-in-the-netherlands-in-picture-id136770507 (433×594)

J.R.Cash - This is Johnny's biography in Wikipedia. I chose Johnny because he goes way back to when I was a kid. He first got notoriety in  my family when he produced his song "A Boy Named Sue". However, we got to know him where he marries beautiful heart felt experiences and difficult life journies together.  Some examples would be his songs "I Walk The Line" and "Ring of Fire".  Those are two of my all time favorite songs Johnny performed. Johnny did come out with some singles that I…

18 Johnny Cash Quotes to make you feel better about yourself

Johnny Cash -- 1992 Inductee, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

johnny cash The Man In Black, one of the purest bass voices

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Johnny Cash - Super Hits Vol 2

Paying tribute to The Man In Black at the 13th Annual Cash Bash!!  #JohnnyCash #WomenInBlack

Paying tribute to The Man In Black at the Annual Cash Bash!