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I believe in Sherlock /2

I believe in Sherlock

hilarity that is John Barrowman - love him!

John Barrowman, oh cpt. OMG who dumps a guy for wearing a kilt? If my man shows up in a kilt. We're fucking.

Death shouldn't have been an option for Owen, Tosh, and Ianto either! (Excuse me while I go burrow into a blanket and sit in the corner.)

Torchwood, amazing show. (And anagram of Doctor Who.

JUSTIFIEDPoster Art by Francesco Francavilla One of my favorite shows ever started this week (on FX) with a new season, so you get this now ...

Justified Poster Art by Francesco Francavilla- Raylan Givens.

Even though I don't give a flying fig about 50 Shades; I still would have loved to have seen him in it. I know there would have been ample, bare Charlie flesh...le sigh... Also, he was disappointed to let go of the role, and I really do like him as an actor.

Can we all just take a moment of silence and remember what could have been Christian Grey? Charlie Hunnam for life.I hate fifty shades of grey, but I love this guy

I love Opie :(

Ryan Hurst- Opie Winston - Sons of Anarchy- Big rugged quiet wonderful dude!

24 // such an awesome & addicting TV show. At first I thought why would I like a show like this & then i was hooked. Insanely good. My goodness. seasons 1, 2 & 3 are the best.

24 Jack Bauer, Director of Field Ops for the Counter-Terrorist Unit of Los Angeles, races against the clock to subvert terrorist plots and save his nation from ultimate disaster.

How I meet your mother

How I Met Your Mother, the mother

Resultado de imagem para memes de game of thrones em portugues

Game of Thrones: 13 memes envolvendo a Batalha dos Bastardos em Winterfell

Ha! I'm really, really afraid!!!

LOL my goodness I am so so so terrified of Charlie.and Jax, May our paths never ever cross, I would die if I see the whites of your eyes I am so completely terrified of u!