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Ko Surin Islands Travel Guide, the best snorkeling site in Thailand (Dive Book)

Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

Green sea turtle - on the contrary of popular belief, these turtles are not named after their shell. In fact, what we see that is green is their skin!

Christian Lassen Art

Turtle Dreams by Christian Riese Lassen; I still have this school folder!



Sea Turtles Riviera Maya Mexico Yucutan

the most beautiful sea turtle I ever seen


If giant oceanic manta ray diving is on your bucket list, you won't want to miss these dive sites in Thailand!


Top 10 Diving Sites-Thailand (Surin Islands and Hin Daeng). To see the whale sharks go from June to September.

In this separate photo from 2012 photojournalist Daniel Botelho came across the moon-shaped Mola mola while snapping pictures of blue whales...

Pucker up! Extremely rare Mola mola fish makes apperance

Photojournalist Daniel Botelho snapped this stunning shot of a mola mola (ocean sunfish) more than two years ago, but it wasn’t widely seen until this year. The ocean sunfish has an average adult weight of kg lb) — it’s the largest bony fish in the world!

Baby Manatee

Cute Baby Manatee, manatees are my favorite sea animal, it's so cute!