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(Lady reading) By Louis Charles Verwee

An Afternoon Read. Louis Charles Verwee (Belgian, Oil on canvas. Verwee learned to paint with his father, who was a well-known landscape and animal painter of the Romantic school.

Mujer joven en una biblioteca (1883) John Henry Henshall (Inglaterra 1856–1928)

Thoughts John Henry Henshall (British, Pencil and watercolour heightened with body colour. Painted at the height of the Aesthetic movement. There is a minimum of narrative content.

Michael Peter Ancher (1849 – 1927, Danish)

Michael Peter Ancher (1849 – 1927, Danish)

Sunday Afternoon - Interior With A Girl Reading, Michael Peter Ancher – Danish)

González, Julio (1876-1942) Femme  lisant (mujer leyendo), 1920-30

Femme de dos lisant by Julio González born September 1876 in Barcelona, Spain died March 1942 in Arcueil, France

Henri Bouchet-Doumenq (1834-1884)

Femme lisant sur un banc. Henri Bouchet-Doumenq (French, Bouchet-Doumenq painted portraits, genre scenes and landscapes, He was a pupil of the Swiss painter Charles Gleyre, professor at.

A summer beauty (19th century). English School. Oil on canvas. English school…

“A summer beauty century). Oil on canvas. English school, dominant school of painting in England throughout the second half of the century and the first half of the Its establishment marked the rise of a.

Seated Woman with Books - Jules Adolphe Goupil

Jules Adolphe Goupil (French, Oil on canvas. As with Seated Woman, Goupil was known for painting genre scenes and portraits with a wonderful tightness and exactitude.