This expresses the element color because the fish attracts the attention of the artwork. It expresses a variety of moods such as curiosity and tranquility.

Art print, orange goldfish, with flowing white lace fins on blue stained birch wood re-linked to the page of Breanna Reagan Art on Etsy.such a beautiful fish:):)

はがき(葉書) by Inca Pan, via Behance

Inca Pan is a Taiwanese illustrator with a knack for creating powerful imagery. Working with gouache and ink he conjures fantastical landscapes filled with bold colors and lush vegetation.

So many beautiful colors and details in the work of Maya Hanisch, on the blog!

Maya Hanisch

Colorful illustrations that lift you up. So many beautiful colors and details in the work of Maya Hanisch.

printable feathers

how pretty, i usually dont enjoy drawing feathers, but using color and pattern in this manner adds some appealing dynamic

Illustrator Willian Santiago has a gorgeous way of using texture in his works. They have the look of a print, with their distorted edges and color overlay.

Willian Santiago Harmonizes Printmaking with Illustration