Anne Siems, 'Little Bird Handler', 2011.

Strange and lovely, Part Two: Transparent bodies in the paintings of Anne Siems

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Berlin born artist Anne Siems curates and introduces a selection of her beautiful and haunting paintings for Splendid Berlin Magazine.

Anne Siems – Wood Spirits

I am truly fascinated by the artworks of Anne Siems. On her paintings I can recognize the symbolism and the illustrated style of Frida Kahlo, and at the same time the Renaissance joy of Bo…

Femme et oiseau en peinture - Anne Siems (1965)

Femme et oiseau en peinture - Anne Siems (1965)

Suddenly while reading--Anne Siems

anemone Anne Siems is an artist from Berlin, Germany who is now based in Seattle. Fascinated with faces, bodies and nature, Anne’s work is an open ended narrative of her dream and intuitive. Her work is often featured with three… Continue Reading →

Anne Siems

Anne Siems & that I see, hear, touch, experience and dream moves into me and finds it’s way into my artwork. I love faces, bod.

Anne Siems

⊰ Posing with Posies ⊱ paintings of women and flowers - Anne Siems